De Kop is er Af…

Wat natuurlijk een bijzonder merkwaardige uitspraak is voor een klinisch neuropsycholoog……maar het is wel waar. Deze week is het academisch jaar weer officieel begonnen en daarmee ook de master Neuropsychologie. Of beter gezegd: the Master Neuropsychology. Dit jaar zijn we internationaal geworden! Dus twijfel bij mij….deze blog in het engels of in het nederlands. Ik weet het niet. Dus ik maak er een mix van.

The new Master program Neuropsychology at least provided for me the opportunity to develop a brand new course. We worked hard on it and are very proud of how it looks right now:  Advanced Neuropsychology

It has been a long time since I was this excited/nervous to give a lecture, but very sharp and curious as well to see the new students, and to test how it is going to work out. And OMG an extra eye direct towards me….the lecture is recorded on video to be put on the website. Fantastic, but not very comforting.

I was never a great Blogger, more of a talker than a writer so to say. And no, a vlog is definitely not good if you are 40+. However, I am so enthusiastic about the start of our master and of this course that I felt like writing a Blog…

In the ambition to be up to speed with recent developments in didactics we wanted to be more interactive with the students. Of course you should have been in the audience to judge how well this worked out, but the new techniques make it possible to show you one of the results of the interaction. I can actually show you how students actively participated, reacted on questions and provided us a small peek in their mind. And that was a great start. All the words that appeared on the screen are in the configuration of a brain, but that is probably my professional brain bias…I will let you know at the end of the course whether I am happy that this course is in English… but so far so good. Below four reactions of the students on questions during the lecture in menti.meter.

Martine van Zandvoort

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4

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